November 19, 2011


nothing inside
folded out
absorbing walkersby
i should be car?
sufi? guitar strummer? journaler? reader of texts? artist?
i am sleeper
i am nothing
i should be you
or you
or you
not me
not nothing

October 30, 2011

i think i would like to know you

30 odd years later
the absence of imprints
now visible, intensely
on just a sunday afternoon

I think I would like to know you

my lips are moving
words unattended
hand gestures?
I could not say

because I am
where I see
you are.

a feminine fight club in my head
a see-me-I-see-you love club in my head
can I breathe you in?
can I exhale me?

why do I delay?
why do I choose the ache?
why the fantasy the dreamstate the deluded illusion?

I think I would like to know you

in the space after the exhale
the moment before the inhale
want to spend a sunday there?
want to float around with me?
surrounded by
pure notes
of a complex
beautiful melody?
just holding hands
and seeing in?
until we realize again,
all is only one?
want to want to?
I do I do!

here’s a code I cannot crack:
why does everyone pretend they are not feeling?

my mind’s trademark
no longer a welt
just graying tattoo
that explodes in color now and again

but this time, I choose.

I think I would like to know you.

May 17, 2011

Mind, Give Me

Mind, give me
The exact name of things
. . . that my word may be
the thing itself,
recreated by my soul.
So that all who do not know them
go through me,

to things;
all who have forgotten,
go through me,

to things
all those who love them
go through me,

to things . . .

Mind give me
the exact name, and yours
and theirs, and mine, of things!

— Juan Ramón Jiménez (translated by Peter Levitt)

May 15, 2011

love this poem by dogen

During seclusion

All that’s visible
springs from causes intimate to you.
While walking, sitting, lying down,
the body itself
is complete truth.
If someone asks
the inner meaning of this:
“Inside the treasury of the dharma eye
a single grain of dust.”

May 8, 2011

creative writing 101 circa 18 years ago

my admiration goes out to professors who have to teach this class…..i just found a folder with semester’s worth of writing. this one still rings a little true….but omg eeeeeek!


If only I had a pen;
not just a ball point
or lead,
but a pen which wrote with ease.
A pen with deep, dark, beautiful ink.
Never running out
or demanding to be sharpened.
Then I would be a writer.

If only I had some paper;
not just a sheet ripped out of a notebook,
or the back of an envelope,
but a leather binder
infinitely filled with paper
eager to be written on.
Then I would be a writer.

I only I had a mind –
not cluttered with trivial dates and facts,
but one that thinks significant thoughts.
A mind that contemplates
with passion,
with brilliance,
with complexity.
Then I would be a writer.

May 8, 2011

friday happy hour art play

May 2, 2011


April 30, 2011

experimental poetry

i wish you’d just say:
here are some words i like.
i strung them together.
they sound kinda neat.
they also make think of some things,
i don’t know, it’s hard to explain.
then i could just relax and enjoy it,
instead of feeling like an idiot.

April 30, 2011


what if everyone left light footprints?
brilliant, pulsing molecules of light?
like moon dust, neon
vibrating and dancing remnants of our soles?
blessing the earth with each step?
and what if we could see our own?
instead of just the lightprints of those we follow?
what if each of us
saw our own selves?
who we are, really?
our lightprints – just traces –
of the radiance inside?

April 30, 2011

cheesecake factory apple

have you noticed it, too?
i’m not talking about the 3.5 serving size yogurt with granola
not the oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar
(calorically equaling a cheeseburger)
i’m talking about
et tu, apple? APPLE?
where does it end?
at the counter i sighed with relief –
a basket of original, non-fucked-with-sized apples
i grab one and my wallet
but the cashier
are you ready for this one?
the cashier says
“i can’t even charge you for that little thing. just take it.”
i shit you not.

maybe you have to work in health care.